Maximize Your Giving to UC Hastings

Remembering UC Hastings in your long-range estate plans is one of the most thoughtful and worthwhile decisions you can make. We are grateful for the generous alumni and friends who have the vision to plan for future charitable gifts of any size.

With your support, we are attracting and retaining the brightest students and helping to make UC Hastings’ exceptional legal education more affordable.

Many UC Hastings donors have discovered that time spent considering the best ways to structure their gifts can help them not only leave meaningful gifts, but also meet personal planning goals, such as balancing the need for retirement income, taking care of loved ones and ensuring funds are available for unique circumstances.

On the following pages, you will discover ideas for making gifts to UC Hastings you may not have considered.

  • You will learn how some gifts can actually “give back” to you for a time, providing extra income in your retirement years, to benefit a parent or other person, or even to help fund educational expenses.
  • You can honor a special friend or loved one with a gift.
  • You will see how you may be able to reduce taxes and redirect those amounts as you choose.
  • You can feel confident that you are investing in UC Hastings in the most effective way possible.

We are committed to helping our alumni and friends discover ways to support UC Hastings while also protecting their own financial situation. We look forward to hearing from you.